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V10 System

The V10 System is a complete air plasma sterilization system that includes the V10 unit, catalyst, desiccant, and plasma sheets. The system can be powered through standard 110V AC outlets.
  • Sterilize critical instruments
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
Plasma Sheets are the core of the air plasma sterilization technology and are where plasma is generated. Plasma sheets degrade with continued use and must be replaced after 15 sterilization cycles. Sold in packs of 5.

The catalyst canister, containing granular Carulite® 200 catalyst, converts sterilant gases back into air after the sterilization process is complete.


The desiccant canister, containing granular blue indicating silica gel, is required to adjust the humidity in the sterilization chamber to ideal levels.


The chemical indicator tape changes color from blue to bright pink if the conditions in the sterilization chamber were adequate to achieve sterilization. However, the tape does not validate that a processed item is sterile. If a chemical indicator tape does not change color, the items in that load are considered non-sterile.


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