Sterilization Wraps

Only nonwoven polypropylene SMS wrap material should be used with Air Plasma Sterilization®.

SMS wrap material provides exceptional strength and a reliable sterile barrier that prevents microorganisms from penetrating the wrap while allowing sterilant gases to easily pass through and thoroughly contact all parts of the instruments inside the wrap. Other wrap materials (e.g. cellulose, muslin cloth, linen, cotton) either become brittle after an Air Plasma Sterilization® cycle or do not allow the sterilant gases to easily pass through the wrap material to contact the instruments inside.

Any SMS wraps can be used, but Plasma Bionics LLC recommends the “Sequential Sterilization Wraps” manufactured by Halyard Health. Six different grades of Halyard Health wraps are available based on the type and weights of instruments to be wrapped.

The below links connect to a third party vendor where recommended wraps can be purchased. Be sure to select the correct size for your application.

H100 Grade (0-3 lbs.)

H200 Grade (3-6 lbs.)

H300 Grade (6-9 lbs.)

H400 Grade (9-13 lbs.) 

H500 Grade (13-17 lbs.)

H600 Grade (17-25 lbs.)