Sterilization Pouches

Only Tyvek® pouches should be used with Air Plasma Sterilization®.

Many sterilization pouches designed for use in steam autoclaves and ethylene oxide sterilizers have a paper-based sterile barrier material that becomes brittle after exposure to the sterilant gases of an Air Plasma Sterilization® cycle. The paper on these pouches may break or crack prematurely, compromising the sterility of the instrument(s) inside the pouch.

When purchasing pouches for use with Air Plasma Sterilization®, it is best to ensure the word “Tyvek®” is printed on the box, pouch, or packaging material.

Plasma Bionics LLC is currently in the process of manufacturing Tyvek® pouches for use with Air Plasma sterilizers. However, any commercially available Tyvek® sterilization pouches can be used. Plasma Bionics LLC recommends the Tyvek® pouches manufactured by Advanced Sterilization Products/Johnson & Johnson that were designed for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizers.

The below links connect to a third party vendor where recommended Tyvek® pouches can be purchased. Be sure to select the correct size for your application.

Self-Seal Tyvek® Pouches

Heat-Seal Tyvek® Pouches