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Plasma Bionics LLC is a veterinary device manufacturing company specializing in plasma-based sterilization. Our patented cold plasma generation technology allows rapid sterilization of veterinary instruments at low temperature, with no water or harmful chemicals, and with little power input. Plasma Bionics is committed to providing quality and safe sterilization devices that simplify the sterilization process, reduce operating expenses, and allow sterilization in any environment, providing an efficient point-of-care sterilization solution.

The V10 Air Plasma Sterilization system can replace your EtO sterilizer for critical instrument sterilization at a fraction of the cost. Further, air plasma sterilization is environmentally friendly and safe to operate.


About Air Plasma Sterilization™ Technology

Cold atmospheric plasma, or ionized gas at low temperature and atmospheric pressure, is an emerging decontamination method with a wide variety of potential applications. Cold plasma generated in air produces UV light, charged particles, and reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS)—all of which cause rapid destruction of microorganisms while having limited negative effects on sensitive background substrates. Veterinary instrument sterilization by cold plasma treatment has been investigated for over two decades but its practical applications for easy use have been limited. Fortunately, cold plasma can be generated in many different ways, and the limitations imposed by the complex apparatuses of previous cold plasma sterilization devices can be overcome.

Plasma Bionics, LLC has developed a plasma-based sterilization device in an innovative and convenient form factor that can be used for sterilizing veterinary instruments of a wide range of sizes and materials. By utilizing one of the simplest plasma generation methods, surface dielectric barrier discharge (SDBD), plasma is generated with air at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, requiring no additional enclosures or supplied gas flow. SDBD produces plasma as a result of charge accumulation on one side of a dielectric barrier placed between two electrodes. The electric potential accumulates to a point until the air between the electrodes is ionized, forming plasma.

"Air plasma sterilization™” is a term coined by Plasma Bionics LLC to differentiate our SDBD-based non-thermal plasma generating sterilization system from other sterilization systems that use plasma as part of the sterilization cycle. These other systems are often referred to as “gas plasma” sterilization systems and use plasma under vacuum conditions either as a short step within the sterilization cycle or as part of the ventilation step, converting vaporized hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. In contrast, during Plasma Bionics LLC’s air plasma sterilization process, non-thermal plasma is produced within the sterilization chamber and is the sole source of sterilant gases. Air and electricity are the only inputs for the sterilization process. Unlike other gas-based sterilization systems, air plasma sterilization produces multiple gases, reactive species, and charged particles from nitrogen and oxygen in the air. This feature provides a multi-pronged approach for eliminating microbial pathogens from the surfaces of sensitive medical instruments. After sterilization is complete, the sterilant gases are passed through a catalyst that converts the gases back into air.

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