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Plasma Bionics LLC is a veterinary device manufacturing company specializing in plasma-based sterilization. Our patented Air Plasma Sterilization™ technology allows rapid sterilization of veterinary instruments at low temperature, with no water or harmful chemicals, and with little power input. Plasma Bionics is committed to providing quality and safe sterilization devices that simplify the sterilization process, reduce operating expenses, and reduce the use of hazardous chemical consumables.

The V10 Air Plasma Sterilizer is the ideal alternative to ethylene oxide. By eliminating the need for high temperature, vacuum, high pressure, and harmful chemicals, the V10 Air Plasma Sterilizer provides a safe, intuitive, and environmentally friendly solution for veterinary instrument sterilization.

Our History

The idea for the Air Plasma Sterilization™ process originated from the research of two doctoral candidates at Oklahoma State University while studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Microbiology. The plasma generation method used by Air Plasma Sterilization™ was initially being studied for modifying airflow over aircraft wings to prevent stalling at high speeds and high altitudes.

While researching the process and studying the available literature, it was discovered that when this type of plasma (surface dielectric barrier discharge, or SDBD) is used in air, multiple reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, ions, and charged particles are produced. Each of these molecules are well known to cause mechanical damage to living cells, especially bacterial cells and viruses. Additionally, the proprietary SDBD plasma generating process causes an induced, turbulent airflow that could help the reactive species contact hard-to-reach crevices of an object.

Thus, the idea of using SDBD plasma produced in air for the purpose of killing microorganisms on veterinary instruments was born. However, most of these molecules have a very short lifespan and quickly convert back to air. The challenge was keeping them in high enough concentrations for a long enough period of time to be successfully used for decontamination and sterilization applications. Variations in air composition due to relative humidity, temperature, and altitude also had to be taken into account for reliable and repeatable performance.

Plasma Bionics LLC was founded by the co-inventors of the Air Plasma Sterilization™ process in 2012 and started full time operations in 2016. After several years of studying the process, testing prototypes, and refining the product using funds from state and federal research grants and private investments, the V10 Air Plasma Sterilizer, the first product utilizing the Air Plasma Sterilization™ process, was commercially launched in late 2020. Plasma Bionics LLC has successfully raised over $1.5 million in research grants and private investments and continues to grow with the vision of redefining veterinary instrument sterilization.


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