Air Plasma Technology

Reduce operating costs

  • Sterilize in less time
  • Reduce need for extra instruments
  • Reduce damage to sensitive instruments


Our system sterilizes faster than others and does not require cool down time.

Sterilize in any environment

  • Operates in the field with a 12V DC inverter
  • Lightweight-robust design
  • Small footprint

The PZ100 is the perfect option for portable clinics.

Safe and easy to operate

  • Low heat
  • Low pressure
  • Intuitive interface

Air plasma technology eliminates the the need for harmful chemicals, high heat, and high pressure.

What Our Clients Say

"This is such an easy to use, easy to transport sterilization device! I love that I can sterilize my instruments in my clinic, as well as in my vehicle while traveling to the next client. It’s also a fast and dry solution, making it a must-have for any busy veterinarian."

Dr. Lisa Mauzerall

“This is a convenient, relatively quick method of sterilization. It’s a great way for mobile veterinarians to have the ability to sterilize instruments in the field.”

Dr. Amy Storm

"All the benefits of an autoclave without the hassle. It’s a quick, easy and dry process for all of my instruments. In my opinion, a must have for a mobile veterinarian who needs sterilization on the go."

Dr. Brent Pitts

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