Cold Plasma

The next generation of
sterilization is here.

The Plasma Pouch

Sterilize your medical equipment
on the go.

The Difference

Limitless possibilities with multiple
applications with our products

  • Who are we?

    We provide next generation sterilization methodology based on our propriety Cold Plasma technology

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  • What Experts in the field have to say

    I would love to have sterilization unit that is effective at killing viruses, spores, and bacteria an upgrade from current options. Autoclaves wear out instruments and require a lot of manpower. Shorter cycle times would mean less of an investment in equipment, smaller units would free up usable cabinet space.

    – Dr. Clint Mercalf, DDS

  • Latest News

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      The “cold plasma” technology developed by Plasma Bionics utilizes non-thermal plasma, a multi-modal sterilizing agent comprised of a low temperature ionized gas.
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